Speechs in the year
Tarikh/Date 	: 	12/12/81 

Yang Berusaha Puan Seri Datin Athi Nahappan, Pengerusi Jambori Kebangsaan
Pandu Puteri Malaysia; Yang Amat Berbahagia Datin Seri Dr. Siti Hasmah
bte. Hj. Mohd. Ali, Yang Di Pertua, Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia; Yang
Berbahagia Puan Hajjah Hendon bte. Hj.Din, Ketua Pesuruhjaya, Persatuan
Pandu Puteri Malaysia; Dif-dif Kehormat; Ahli-ahli dan Pemimpin-pemimpin
Pandu Puteri; Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan sekelian.

Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia
kerana menjemput saya dan memberi penghormatan kepada saya untuk berucap
dan seterusnya merasmikan Hari Pelawat Jambori Pandu Puteri pada hari ini.

Saya merasa sungguh gembira kerana dapat bersama-sama dengan tuan-tuan dan
puan-puan di majlis ini. Persatuan Pandu Puteri bersama dengan lain-lain
golongan masyarakat turut menyumbangkan tenaga mereka ke arah perpaduan
dan kesejahteraan hidup di samping membantu di dalam kerja-kerja amal
kepada masyarakat.

2. Saya percaya Jambori ini akan memberi peluang kepada peserta-peserta
sekelian untuk bertukar-tukar fikiran dan pendapat sambil mempelajari dan
mendalami cara hidup masing-masing yang berlatarbelakangkan cara hidup dan
kebudayaan yang berlainan. Perhimpunan ini bukan sahaja dapat memupuk
disiplin dan semangat toleransi serta persefahaman di kalangan pandu
puteri sekelian tetapi juga dapat memberi sumbangan ke arah mengerat dan
meningkatkan lagi perhubungan dan jalinan persaudaraan di kalangan
masyarakat antara bangsa.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

3. It is an honour for me to be invited to address this gathering on the
occasion of the Jamboree's Visitors' Day.

4. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Girl Guides Association of
Malaysia for its initiative and effort in organising this Jamboree. Though
a little bit late to all the campers, especially those from overseas, I
extend a very warm and hearty "selamat datang" to Malaysia. I hope your
stay at this Camp as well as your visits are pleasant and enjoyable. At
the same time, I hope the week-long activities at the camp will be a
rewarding one. To the local campers who have come from the various states
of Malaysia, this Jamboree does not only offer an opportunity for you to
broaden your circle of friends but also to extend the bond of
international friendship.

5. The fact that this Jamboree is held at "Kem Indah" gives a special
significance. Your decision to name this camp the "Camp of Beauty" is very
appropriate indeed. It is indeed a camp of beauties. At the same time the
experience at this camp with its natural beautiful environment should give
rise to a beautiful feeling as a result of a combined mental and spiritual
enlightenment and a true sense of understanding and sisterhood.

6. This Jamboree held at this beautiful camp gives a special sense of
close intimacy with nature. We are very much part of nature and there is
very much to learn from nature. Camping which is a normal activity in
guiding is a useful activity in bringing members closer to nature. The
natural setting with its open space, fresh air, and a lot of green
everywhere gives us the feeling of peace and harmony for us to appreciate
our place in the total system. Activities in this type of setting can give
a special meaning and impact to our well-being especially as most of us
live in artificially created concrete jungles and are too busy to be able
to commune with nature. I am sure your week-long stay in this camp will
enrich you with new experiences and help you to understand better your
role as members of the guide movement and of your society. Important stage
of our development would inevitably determine the type of adults we are
going to be. It is, therefore, important that this critical period should
be filled with useful and beautiful experience and memories. Guiding is a
movement which caters for the needs of the young and prepares them for
adulthood. Guiding in this respect has focused rightly by providing a
well-balanced training programme for young girls.

8. Today we are living in a world where social ills are becoming quite an
epidemic. The present generation is witnessing moral decay and drug
abuse. Young boys and girls are becoming the targets of irresponsible
"moral brokers" who push them into immoral activities. Misuse and abuse of
drugs is socially destructive. Governments are burdened with a heavy task
of ensuring that drug abuse will not plague our societies and reduce our
young ones into irresponsible citizens and social misfits. It is equally
the responsibility of adults as well as the young ones to ensure that drug
culture is rejected and repulsed.

9. To the guides, may I say that you are young and you have the facilities
and amenities to prepare yourselves for the World of Tomorrow. It is
important that you learn to face the adult world and fulfil your duties
and shoulder your responsibilities as good citizens. Your united efforts
towards this end will contribute greatly to the progress of your community
and nation.

10. I understand that the cultural show which you are about to present is
the highlight of the camp activities. Our culture is a manifestation of
our way of life, our belief and our activities. Your show will not only
add colour to the total camp activities but will also allow the
participants from different backgrounds to have some glimpses of each
other's heritage. In the process you will learn to appreciate the
similarities and the differences in your varied way of life and learn to
respect each other and see the beauty of each others culture.

11. I am glad the various ministries and departments, including the
Tourist Development Corporation and the army as well as private
individuals have contributed to the setting up of this "Kem Indah." I
always believe that grit and cooperation are the main ingredients of
success. I am confident that with the right spirit this Jamboree will be a

12. I am looking forward to visiting the sub-camps and I am sure that it
will prove to be as exciting to me, as it must have been to you with your
preparations for the Visitors' Day programme.

13. I wish this Jamboree every success.

Thank you.

Pejabat Perdana Menteri, Jalan Dato Onn, Kuala Lumpur.