Speechs in the year
Tempat/Venue 	: 	NEW DELHI, INDIA 
Tarikh/Date 	: 	08/03/83 

Madame Chairman, May I, on behalf of my Delegation and my own behalf,
congratulate you on your unanimous election as Chairman of this important
Conference. My Delegation is confident that under your distinguished
chairmanship, this Summit Conference would be able to achieve results. My
Delegation pledges full cooperation with you and hopes to contribute
constructively to the deliberations to ensure that the 7th Conference of
Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Countries will be another
milestone in the development of our Non-Aligned Movement. In extending my
congratulations to you, Madame Chairman, I would also like to offer my
Delegation's, as well as my own felicitations, to the Deputy Chairmen and
other officials of the Conference Bureau on their well-deserved elections.

2. My Delegation notes with profound satisfaction the presence of 101
countries and organisations at this gathering today as against only 25
countries at the First Summit Conference held in Belgrade in 1961. This
expanding membership is indeed a testimony to the hope and faith that
peoples and nations of diverse governmental systems place in the Movement
as a force for peace and stability in a world threatened by conflicts
between two confronting camps. This hope and faith in the Movement, must
not remain mere ideals, but must be translated into effective action to
free the world from domination by the strong over the weak in all fields.

3. The Non-Aligned Movement is all the more necessary now when the big
powers are involved in the game of a balance of terror. Already some
countries have been made theatres of war for the practical testing of
increasingly lethal weapon systems. Without the Non-Aligned Movement more
of us will be fighting each other as pawns or proxies of the committed
powers. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to sustain this Movement, and
to uphold its ideals and principles, in particular the principles of
non-intervention and non-interference in the internal affairs of states,
respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of
nations, peaceful co-existence and non-use of force in resolving
inter-state disputes. The observation and respect for these cardinal
principles of international relations are indispensible for the
preservation of world peace and stability, for the promotion of greater
cooperation, cohesion and trust among member countries, and for the
overall credibility of the Movement.

4. The occupation and rape of several nations that we are witnessing today
stem, in the main, from the flagrant disregard, indeed total disrespect,
for these vital principles which everyone claim to cherish. The
territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Kampuchea, or of
Afghanistan and Lebanon, have been blatantly violated and trampled upon,
in utter contempt for the values and principles, which constitute the very
existence of our Movement. We, who are committed to these ideals and
principles, cannot accept, much less endorse, these high-handed
actions. We cannot shrug our shoulders merely because the perpetrators of
these dastardly acts want us to accept them as fait accompli. Whether we
are friendly or otherwise with these unprincipled countries, we must
condemn them for their misdeeds, and we must do all within our means to
undo the damage. While violence is not a part of our creed, there are
other weapons that will serve us just as well.

5. The situation in Kampuchea, arising from the Vietnamese military
invasion and continued occupation of that country, directly threatens
regional peace and stability, encourages big power involvement in
Southeast Asia, impedes efforts towards the realisation of a Zone of
Peace, Freedom and Neutrality in Southeast Asia and inhibits the
development of beneficial cooperation between the countries of ASEAN and
Indochina. In this regard, the past four sessions of the UN General
Assembly, and also the International Conference on Kampuchea in July 1981,
had unequivocally called for a comprehensive political solution on the
basis of the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Kampuchea, and the
exercise of the right of self-determination by the Kampuchean people, free
from foreign interference and coercion. The Non-Aligned Movement too had,
on several occasions, expressed its concern over this blatant
interference, and warned of the danger of the Kampuchean conflict
escalating over a wider area. Unfortunately, all these calls have been
ignored by the perpetrators and their powerful mentors, and also by some
others who are members of this Movement, for reasons which cannot
withstand examination. as to the reason why is irrelevent. The fact is
that the Vietnamese forces in irresistable strength marched into Kampuchea
and installed a puppet regime. And having done so the Vietnamese army
stayed on to prop up that regime.

6. Obviously, the people of Kampuchea do not suppport that regime, or why
else is it necessary to have an occupation force. That a lot of
Kampucheans have left their own country is further testimony that they do
not support that regime or the occupation forces. That the Kampuchean
refugees are willing to join up with the Coalition Government led by
Prince Norodom Sihanouk proves beyond any reasonable doubt that they do
not want the Heng Samrin regime or his Vietnamese backers. Yet Vietnam,
and some countries, have preferred to ignore that Kampuchean independence
is being violated, that all the principles that have been espoused by the
Non-Aligned Movement have been ignored. Such is the fate of Kampuchea, and
its leader, Prince Norodom Sihanouk, one of the founders of the Movement
who sat with the late President Nasser and the late Pandit Nehru in

7. At this juncture, my Delegation would like to express our profound
regret over the enforced absence of Democratic Kampuchea from this
Conference. We are all aware of the controversial decision by a few
members of this Movement to deprive Democratic Kampuchea of its rightful
seat, in continue, merely because some members and their powerful friends
are bent on having their way, regardless of the consequences. The
legitimacy of Democratic Kampuchea to represent Kampuchea here, and
elsewhere, should not be disputed since the UN General Assembly has
repeatedly, and with increasing majority, affirmed and recognised the
legitimacy of Democratic Kampuchea. The continued denial of Democratic
Kampuchea's participation in our Conference is indeed unjust, and needs to
be remedied to ensure that we stand steadfastly in favour of
non-alignment. In this connection, my delegation welcomes the necessary
steps to be taken towards into account the suggestion that there should be
criteria and procedures to suspend or expel a member.

This is a matter of vital importance which my delegation would urge this
conference to act upon.

8. The region of Southeast Asia has been a cockpit of big-power rivalries
since the early days of colonialism.

The effects of such rivalries have created a psychological division of the
region into pockets of varying political orientations from which we have
never completely recovered.

Such division and orientations continue to characterise the politics of
the region today, bolstered by serious ideological differences which make
it difficult for nations in the region to pursue the path of peaceful
co-existence and cooperation. The events taking place in Kampuchea, which
is a manifestation of the various psychological and political
orientations, represent a stumbling block to the establishment of a Zone
of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality in Southeast Asia, a concept that is
completely in accord with the hallowed principles of the Non-Aligned
Movement. It is my hope, and a hope that is shared by all the ASEAN
members, that the conflict in Kampuchea be politically resolved so that
peace and stability can be restored in Southeast Asia.

Madame Chairman, 

9. Kampuchea is not the only country that has become the victim of foreign
aggression. In 1979, the Soviet Union unleashed its military might on its
puny neighbour, Afghanistan. Once again we see a repetition of the
disregard for principles that has been so blatantly demonstrated in
Kampuchea. The Soviet Union claims to champion the cause of the weak and
the oppressed, but it had no hesitation about marching into Afghanistan to
prop up an 10. The pattern is clear for all to see. If a neighbour is
strong, then the possibility of being occupied is very real.

10. Might, is right. If this Movement fails to condemn the Soviet Union,
then fear will stalk the little nations situated next to predatory
neighbours. Since the end of World War II many of us have gained
independence. Many of us have, of course, been independent a long
time. But for how long will we remain independent, if we condone the
piecemeal snuffing out of little states by big neighbours? 

Madame Chairman, 

11. It may be that the Soviet Union has bitten off more than it can
chew. It may be that they are in a dilemma. But the Soviet Union is big
enough to be magnanimous. Afghanistan, under whatever regime, is no threat
to the Soviet Union. If the Soviet Union can live with the Peoples
Republic of China as a sworn enemy, surely it can live with all its
Central Asian neighbours without resorting to military occupation.

12. The people of Afghanistan have suffered enough. In the history of Asia
they stand out as the only country that successfully resisted the
colonising Europeans. They are an inspiration to all of us. But now they
have lost their independence. Now, they have to seek refuge outside their
borders. Equipped only with obsolete arms, now they have to fight a
super-power. Surely these great people deserve better than the fate that
has befallen them.

Madame Chairman, 

13. I would appeal to the Soviet Union to cease, and desist, from this
dishonourable act. They must be magnanimous. Their friends, and indeed the
world, would honour and respect them if they withdraw their forces from
Afghanistan, and allow the Afghans to determine their own fate. The United
Nations, and the Islamic Conference, have called for a political
solution. We endorse this call wholeheartedly. This Movement can do no
less, than to call a halt to Soviet occupation, and to let the Afghans
have their independence once again.

Madame Chairman, 

14. West Asia is another area of serious concern to us. The situation in
West Asia remains explosive because, of the continued Israeli occupation
of Arab territories, and her premeditated violation of the fundamental
principles of the UN Charter. The Israeli invasion and occupation of
Southern Lebanon and Beirut, and the forced evacuation of the Palestinian
freedom fighters from there, is but another manifestation of Israeli
intransigence. The massacres at Sabra and Shatila, committed by the
Phalangists, with the knowledge and blessing of the Israeli military
leaders, shall be remembered in history alongside the horrors of
Auschwitz, Dachau, Belsen, and other Nazi concentration camps during the
Second World War. It proves that there is no basic difference between the
Nazis and the Israelis. If the Israelis had ruled Germany and the Nazis
were a minority, the camps of Dachau, Belsen and others would have been
filled with different people. As it is, the Palestinians who had nothing
to do with the Nazis, or Belsen, have to pay the price again and again,
each time, more bloody than before.

15. The framework for a comprehensive political settlement has been
clearly stipulated in the various UN resolutions pertaining to
Palestine. It is obvious that the key to the solution lies with
Israel. Until they withdraw completely, and unconditionally from occupied
Arab territories, including Jerusalem, and until the inalienable rights of
the Palestinian people to return to their homeland, and exercise self
determination are restored, there will always be instability and wars in
West Asia. The initiative taken by the Arab leaders in Fez last year,
embodies all these key elements, and could have provided the necessary
impetus for finding a political solution to the problem. Unfortunately,
the Israelis chose to reject the proposals outright, reflecting once
again, their intransigence and total disregard for justice and human

16. There is no doubt that the mentors of Israel have an obligation to
ensure that Israel does not persist with her negative and irresponsible
attitudes. These countries have a moral duty to compel Israel to cease,
and desist, from further acts of aggression and violence, and prevail upon
her to return to sanity, and the ways of civilisation. We in the
Non-Aligned Movement, must continue our perseverance, and tenacity, until
the just cause of the Palestinians is finally attained.

17. A free and sovereign Palestinian state must be created. To this end
the PLO, cannot be expected to compromise on basic rights and dignity of
the people it rightly represents, nor be excluded from any peace process.

18. My Delegation welcomes the final communique of the recently held
16th. Session of the Palestine National Council in Algiers in its
entirety. May I also take this occasion to offer the sincerest
congratulations of the Government, and people of Malaysia to Chairman
Yasser Arafat on his re-election to the office of the Executive Committee
of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. To (you) Abu Ammar, let me renew
the pledge of full support of the Government and people of Malaysia for
the just struggle of the people of Palestine.

19. It is also disconcerting to Malaysia that the war between Iran and
Iraq, two members of this Movement, with whom we enjoy close and cordial
relations, continues unabated. The conflict has brought untold misery to
millions of people, and incalculable damage to properties on both sides of
the border. Efforts by this Movement to seek a mutually acceptable
solution have so far been without success. To avert further loss of lives,
Malaysia would like to urge that the mediation efforts be reactivated by
this Movement so that a peaceful solution to the conflict could be found.

20. In the southern tip of the continent of Africa, the inhuman policy of
apartheid is still being followed by the whites of South Africa. There is
no country that flouts all human values with such arrogance as South
Africa. The continued existence of the white regime is an insult to the
whole human race. Malaysia abhors the policy of apartheid, and is fully
committed to the just cause of the oppressed people in South Africa, in
their struggle for equality, justice, and dignity. Today, we witness an
intensification of armed struggle in that part of the world as the freedom
fighters of South Africa seek to free themselves from the shackles of
apartheid and oppression. In this regard, my Delegation wishes to pay
homage to the valiant fighters for their outstanding qualities of
fortitude, patriotism, and courage in their just struggle to restore their
inalienable rights.

21. In Namibia, efforts to seek a peaceful settlement in accordance with
the UN Security Council resolution 435 of 1978 have been frustrated by the
Pretoria regime. The present impasse is undeniably caused by South
Africa's intransigence and its total lack of commitment to a negotiated
settlement, to ensure that the people of Namibia have their full rights to
self-determination and independence. My Government has followed the
developments taking place in Namibia with great interest, and in this
connection, we have publicly stated our willingness to participate in a UN
peace-keeping force in Namibia, should the need arise. In the meantime, it
is the duty of us all to support, with renewed vigour, the struggle of the
Namibian people under the leadership of SWAPO against the Pretoria
regime's continued illegal annexation of a trust territory.

Madame Chairman, 

22. Apart from the oppressive actions that I have mentioned, the situation
of the world is being further aggravated by the arms race between the
super powers. Words cannot describe the dangers that the world faces with
the accumulation of collosal nuclear arms by both sides. It needs but one
madman, or one mistake, or one bout of nervousness by one man, to
literally blow up this planet. Yet, the race to build up even more
destructive weapons, continues. Sanity has completely forsaken the leaders
of the contending camps. To date, all efforts by the international
community to stop this madness have been futile. Even the current
disarmament talks between the super-powers have not come to any meaningful
conclusion. Malaysia cannot accept the notion that peace and security can
be sustained only by a precarious balance of terror. Such a notion, denies
the premise that man, is a thinking animal. We, in the Non-Aligned
Movement, must not take sides, but must urge the rivals in this horrendous
game, to return to the negotiation table, and cease the build up of
nuclear arms.

Madame Chairman, 

23. Like the oceans and the sea-bed beyond the national jurisdiction of
countries, Antarctica, the last undeveloped continent on earth, should be
regarded as a common heritage of mankind, and not just the exclusive
preserve of a few nations that have access to it. It is specifically with
this interest in mind that I have urged the United Nations during the 37th
General Assembly Session to focus its attention on Antarctica. To us, that
distant continent, yet unsettled by man, can, and must pave the way for
genuine international cooperation for the exploitation of its resources,
to ensure that the benefits would be equitably shared among all nations of
the world. Such an international cooperation would also ensure that
Antarctica continues to be used for peaceful purposes and not degenerate
into a new hot-bed of tension and discord.

24. My Delegation is aware of existing arrangements on Antarctica, which
called for the continued demilitarisation of Antarctica, and a moratorium
on all claims. This arrangement, however, is limited in its scope, and
participation, as to be exclusive. In view of this, we need to re-examine
the whole question of Antarctica, with a view to ensure that we could have
an equitable arrangement, which will include all the essential elements
that I have just mentioned, so that, we may have a truly universal
cooperation on Antarctica under the umbrella of the United Nations,
similar to the Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The UN must, therefore, address itself to the issue, and re-examine the
potentials for a more universal framework of international cooperation on
Antarctica, an area that is bigger than China, the US, and Mexico put
together. In this regard, the support and backing of Non-Aligned Countries
is vital if we wish to translate this concept into reality.

25. Lately, the world economy has been going through a most difficult
phase. It has slipped into a state of deep recession, causing absolute
despair to developing countries.

Among other things, we are confronted today with high interest rates,
growing inflation, rising unemployment, mounting protectionism, tumbling
commodity prices and a tight squeeze in financial flows. In an age of
instant communication, unlimited wealth and inspired application of man
and material, we seem incapable of solving even the most simple of
economic problems. Indeed we seem to be completely mesmerised, quite
unable to extricate ourselves from the quagmire of our own making. For
that is what this recession is. It is a man-made recession, cooked up in
the capitals of some powerful industrialised countries.

26. High interest rates, protectionism, the deliberate manipulation of
commodity prices through outdated marketing systems, and the release of
stock-piles, disregard for GATT, refusal to implement the shipping code,
the grouping of already powerful nations into exclusive economic blocs,
the unilateral changes in the rules, are anything, but acts of God. They
are mere decisions made by men, principally the powerful men in powerful
countries. There is no doubt that these decisions are wrong, that they
have led to the economic crisis that we face today. The exact extend and
effect of all these have been catalogued in detail in the report by the
chairman of the sixth non-aligned conference, President Fidel Castro of
Cuba, and further amplified in his speech yesterday. I congratulate him on
the report and his speech.

27. The industrialised countries should by now have discerned the folly of
their policies. I would urge them to reverse these, and bring back some
order and stability to the limping world economy. I need not stress the
desperate need to prevent a total collapse of the world economy. I remain
convinced that what man has created, he can surely undo. History will
honour those men who are big enough to admit their mistakes and to make
amends for them.

Madame Chairman, 

28. The North-South Dialogue is no longer the hope of the developing
countries. We know now that we cannot squeeze blood from stone. The North
is not about to abdicate their role as the aristocrats of the world
economies. For as long as the poor economies are incapable of striking
back, we are not going to have one bit of concession from them.

Therefore, let us stop deluding ourselves.

29. The only real solution to this problem of economic do not exceed our
means. If we are weak, let us unite ourselves into regional and
international groups, aiding and trading with each other to the extent
that we are capable.

If we lack the skills, let us acquire them from whatever source
available. The process is going to be slow, and painful. But it is better
that we fall back on our own resources than to place our hopes on
understanding and help from the unfeeling North.

30. Malaysia intends to do this. We have tightened our belts. We intend to
live within our means. We cooperate with our neighbours. And we are going
further afield, to the South Pacific, and to Africa, in order to seek
meaningful South-South cooperation. Whatever little we have, or we know,
if we can afford them, we will extend to those who need them. It is our
hope, that others too, will adopt this attitude, so that we will not only
survive, but God willing, we will one day be free from the economic and
technological oppression of an insensitive North.

Madame Chairman, 

31. To conclude, may I once again emphasise the need for us, the
Non-Aligned Countries, to be more vigilant and introspective, bearing in
mind the various external adhere faithfully to the ideals and principles,
to which all of us have given our commitment, particularly the principles
of non-interference and non-intervention in the internal affairs of
states, respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and
independence of states, peaceful co-existence and the rejection of the use
of force in resolving inter-state disputes. The choice before us is clear.

Either we maintain a posture of genuine independence, and work for the
strengthening of our Movement, or, we can deviate from this, and pursue
the role prescribed for us by the super-powers, which would then tear us
apart, and make a mockery of the ideals and principles that our Movement
stands for. This is a problem that concerns all of us, and we have to be
clear now, and agree as to the direction we wish our Movement to follow,
and the credibility and strength we desire the Movement to enjoy. I am
convinced that this concern is shared by many in this distinguished
gathering, and it is solely with the view to strengthen the Movement that
I have ventured to make comments, and put forward proposals and ideas
which I thought would, as a whole, benefit the Movement.