Speechs in the year
Tempat/Venue 	: 	THE PRIME MINISTER 
Tarikh/Date 	: 	05/09/83 

Your Excellency Prime Minister Ulusu and Madame Ulusu; Members of the
Turkish Delegation; Excellencies, Distinguished guests; Ladies and

At the very outset, may I say, Brother Prime Minister, how deeply
delighted and happy we are to be able to receive and welcome you, Madame
Ulusu and members of your delegation to Malaysia.

2. In recalling the fond memories of my visit to your great country in May
this year, I find it indeed difficult to match the fine hospitality so
characteristic of Turkey and its people that was extended to me, my wife
and my delegation during my visit to your beautiful country. Your visit,
the first by a Turkish Prime Minister ever to this country, gives us the
long-awaited opportunity of reciprocating, in a small way, the kindness
accorded to us during our recent visit to Turkey.

Your Excellency, 

3. Turkish-Malaysia relations have always been warm and, Insya-Allah, will
continue to be so. This is not only expressive of, or owing to, our common
Islamic heritage, but also due to the fact that we have, in the recent
past, tried in whatever way we can to establish contacts and to work
together. I underline this for no other reason but that relations between
Muslim countries today, more than ever before, must be placed on a plane
that is commensurate with their historic and cultural relations. It is
otherwise pointless to speak of Islamic solidarity and cooperation.

4. We in Malaysia are, therefore, most pleased to note that some definite
progress have already been made in our bilateral relations, especially
over the short span of the last decade. In fact, during my recent visit to
Turkey, we have not only broken new grounds in the areas of aviation,
education and culture, but have also reaffirmed our determination to
broaden the scope of cooperative endeavours, particularly in the areas of
increased and diversified trade exchange and investments, joint-ventures
in the construction industry and in shipping. Also, in our discussion this
evening, we have agreed to take all necessary steps to intensify
activities in these and other areas that would bring mutual benefits to
both our peoples.

5. The new meaning and depth in terms of our bilateral cooperation augurs
well for both countries. We indeed take comfort in the fact that various
cultural contacts between our two countries have expanded. We have our
students in both countries by way of Government sponsored exchange, and
Turkish academics have been in Malaysia for some years now. Trade, though
still relatively small, has however doubled. If we keep this momentum in
our bilateral contacts and collaboration, I am sure Your Excellency would
agree with me that the coming years would be much more propitious.

Your Excellency, 

6. As Turkey is an integral part of the Islamic world and had in the past
contributed tremendously to the enrichment of human civilization, we in
Malaysia are confident that the important role currently played by Turkey
would continue to contribute to greater international development and
progress. Not only have you played host to a number of important economic
and other Meetings of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, but in
addition your country is the seat of the Headquarters of two important
subsidiary organs of the OIC, namely the Centre for Research in Islamic
History, Art and Culture and the Statistical, Economic and Social Research
and Training Centre. Indeed, Turkey is best placed as well as eminently
qualified to steer the fraternity of Islamic nations to not only hasten
the process of economic development, but also to give practical shape in
developing a sense of unity as much as in strengthening cultural links
between members of the OIC and Muslims at large.

7. Indeed, we in Malaysia are convinced that it is only through the
establishment of variegated institutional links either on a bilateral
basis or multilaterally can there be true dialogue and understanding among
Islamic countries. This in turn would not only lead to greater stability
among the Ummah but also quicken the process of reversing the state of
general backwardness in Islamic and Third World countries. Your country's
efforts, therefore, in fostering solidarity and cooperation among Islamic
and Third World countries are highly commendable. Your Excellency can be
assured of Malaysia's full cooperation and support always.

Your Excellency, 

8. While Islamic and Third World countries are going through a very
difficult period, it is also true that the opportunities for enrichment
and development have never been greater. Allah in His Wisdom has granted
the Islamic world in particular immense wealth and strategic
importance. All that remains is for the peoples of the Islamic and Third
Worlds to reduce internal bickerings and conflicts with neighbours, and
focus their attention to development and the strengthening of relations
between them. Of course this is not likely to happen easily, but at least
those countries that have achieved some degree of stability, such as
Malaysia and Turkey, should continue to strive seriously towards this
objective. We are sure if this is done on a scale that is not too
ambitious, success will crown our efforts. Eventually of course the rest
will follow.

9. In this context, I must state Malaysia's regret that the OIC Peace
Committee, of which both our countries are members, have not been
successful in bringing an end to the wasteful conflict between Iran and
Iraq. The struggle for the liberation of Palestine is even further from
solution, as the freedom fighters squabble on the question of leadership
and strategy. The reported success of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan is the
only bright news, but even there victory is not about to be
achieved. Elsewhere, the Muslim world is never quite free from struggles
for power, irrespective of whether the situation justifies the overthrow
of the current Governments or not. All these can result in only one thing
-- the satisfaction and gleeful enjoyment of the enemies of Islam,
particularly the Zionists.

Your Excellency, 

10. Geographically much closer to our shores, Kampuchea has for nearly
five years now been militarily a victim of Vietnamese aggression and
occupation. We, together with our ASEAN partners, are saddened that the
gentle and peaceful Kampuchean people had been forced to live under
extreme hardship with their inalienable rights denied them inspite of
being in their own country. We have furthermore been concerned that the
continued Vietnamese aggression and military occupation of Kampuchea pose
a serious threat to the peace and stability of the Southeast Asian region,
as well as to international peace and security. This is why we and our
ASEAN partners are deeply committed to the pursuit of a comprehensive
political solution which will restore the dignity of the Kampuchean people
while taking into account the legitimate security concerns of all
countries in this region. Such a solution would constitute an important
step towards the realisation of the Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality
in Southeast Asia which indeed has been the basis for ASEAN's principled
stand on the question of Kampuchea.

11. We are gratified that your Government has been extending your valuable
support to all our efforts. I am sure that Prince Norodom Sihanouk, the
President of Democratic Kampuchea is even more gratified for your support
to his government and to the sacred cause of his people that he now leads
towards restoring their human dignity and the independence of
Kampuchea. With the continuing support of your Government and the rest of
the international community, we believe that a political solution would
eventually be found to the question of Kampuchea.

Your Excellency, 

12. We in Malaysia are deeply shocked and grieved at the recent incident
of the shooting down of a Korean Airline passenger aircraft by Soviet
aircraft causing the death of 269 innocent passengers and crew
members. One of the victims is a Malaysian national. Malaysia abhors such
irresponsible act which is in complete disregard for human lives and a
violation of international convention, committed by a member of the
international community. The guilty party owes the world an apology and an
explanation for having caused the tragic loss of hundreds of
lives. Malaysia joins the international community in calling for a
thorough investigation into the incident and for appropriate steps to be
taken to guarantee that the safety of air travellers will never again be

Your Excellency, 

13. Malaysia had at the last United Nations General Assembly urged the
world body to focus its attention on Antarctica. It is not our intention
to create instability or disturb the ecology of that continent. But we
feel deeply that no nation, however strong and however good the intention,
should continue to practise any form of colonisation. The open,
uninhabited spaces in this world are the common heritage of mankind. If
there is any benefit to be derived, the whole of mankind should be
entitled. Antarctica must therefore be regarded as an international and
common heritage. If most countries are quite incapable of being directly
involved in safeguarding Antarctica, those who are capable should only be
entrusted with this task by consent of the United Nations in which we are
all represented. This principle must be upheld because it is both just and

Your Excellency, 

14. We live in a very inter-dependent world. Distance is no longer the
barrier that it used to be. The world economy is undergoing a prolonged
crisis and the call for more cooperation among nations is greater than
ever before. The seeds for more fruitful cooperation between our two
countries have not only begun but have shown results. Through mutual
cooperation and understanding of each other's aspiration, and through our
moral strength and steadfast pursuit of peace and stability, our two
countries will, with the blessing of Almighty Allah, forge ahead in our
endeavour to provide a fuller and better life that we all are entitled to
and aspire towards. In this regard, Malaysia looks forward to working
closely with Turkey and we are confident that our combined effort will
produce positive results for the Ummah. While at this point, I wish to
commend Your Excellency's Government's interest and efforts in fostering
and nurturing Islamic solidarity and cooperation, particularly your
support for the International Islamic University which we have just set

15. Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I now invite you to join me in
a toast to the continued good health of my dear brother Prime Minister
Bulend Ulusu and his charming wife, and for the further consolidation of
the bilateral relations between the Republic of Turkey and Malaysia.