Speechs in the year
Tarikh/Date 	: 	02/05/89 

 His Excellency Mr. Noboru Takeshita;
Madame Takeshita;
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and Gentlemen.
    It  gives  me great pleasure to welcome Your Excellency
and  Madame  Takeshita  and  members  of your  distinguished
delegation to Malaysia.
2.   Your  visit  is  most  timely as it marks a new mood in
Japan with regard to its relations with Malaysia  and  ASEAN
in  general.    Although  Malaysia  and  Japan  enjoy  close
relations,  opportunities  to  play  host to such visits are
rare.  It  is  our  belief that your visit demonstrates  the
importance that Japan attaches to Malaysia and to the  ASEAN
countries and  it indicates a desire on Japan's part to hold
consultations  with  us  on both bilateral and international
3.   Since the last visit by a Japanese  Prime  Minister  to
Malaysia  in 1983, I am glad that relations between Malaysia
and Japan have continued to develop positively.  The cordial
relations  have  been  enhanced  further  through  the close
contacts and consultations between the leaders and officials
of our two countries.
4.   Malaysia highly values the important contribution which
has  been  made  by  both  the  Japanese  Government and the
private   sector   towards   strengthening   our   bilateral
relations. However, we do think that there is still room for
enhancing  bilateral  co-operation particularly in the field
of trade, industry and the transfer of technology.  Although
this depends to a large extent on  the  private  sector, the
role of the government is quite crucial.
Distinguished guests,
5.   In  our  efforts  to  develop  our   country   Malaysia
continues to  look to  the  countries  of the East including
Japan  for improving  management  techniques,  positive work
ethics, and the correct  approach  to  economic development.
In other words Malaysia still believes in  the  efficacy  of
its Look East  Policy  which  has  yielded tangible results.
We are gratified that this programme has enjoyed the support
and encouragement of the Government  and people of Japan.  I
would like to record here the appreciation of the Government
of Malaysia for the support and co-operation that  has  been
provided  by  the  Japanese Government and private sector to
our Look East Policy.
6.   It has been eight years since the launching of our Look
East Policy and we are proud of its success.   A  number  of
agencies  in  the  public and private sectors have benefited
from the exposure and training provided by Japan under  this
policy  and  it is clear that Japan can contribute even more
towards upgrading Malaysia's capacity to achieve  rapid  and
systematic economic growth.
7.   I  am also pleased that all our trainees under the Look
East Policy have secured employment and it is our hope  that
Japanese  firms  would continue to employ our graduates.  It
is hoped that such recruitment would not be confined to  the
Japanese firms operating in Malaysia only.
8.   The  positive  results  and  success  which  have  been
achieved  under  the  Look  East  Policy  will  justify   an
expansion  of  the  programme  to  include  such  fields  as
agriculture  and tourism where greater management skills are
9.   In  this  regard  we  also  hope  Japan  would consider
'Looking to  The  South'  in  the  context  of  tourism  and
investment. We understand  the  need  for Japan to invest in
Europe and America and the desire of Japanese tourists to go
there.  But  South  East Asia has always played an important
part  in   Japan's economic growth and development  and  our
economies are very closely inter linked.  A prosperous South
East Asia  will always be an asset to Japan.
10.  As  a major regional and world economic power Japan has
an important role not only to provide  Overseas  Development
Assistance  and  encourage  overseas  investment but also to
assist  and  promote  the overall growth of the Asia-Pacific
region. In this context Malaysia welcomes  Japan's  plans to
open  its  markets  to  imports  from  countries in the Asia
Pacific region, and to assist in the economic development of
the  region  by   providing   funds,   expertise  and  other
resources.  This   role   that  Japan  assumes  will  be  of
tremendous importance as we approach the 21st  Century which
has been described as the 'Asia Pacific Century'.
11.  We  view  the  agreements recently reached in Geneva as
being momentous and full  of  opportunity.    We  value  the
openhandedness  of  Japan to provide facilities and priority
for agricultural and tropical goods.   We  also  hope  Japan
would consider importing more manufactured goods.
12.  Further  I  wish  to  state  that  we  welcome  Japan's
"kokusaika"    or   internationalisation   programme   which
represents a new phase in Japan's relations with the outside
world.  The opening up of the  Japanese  market  to  foreign
goods  has  resulted  in  increased  world-wide  trade.   We
believe  that  Japan's  pre-eminent  economic  and financial
status  requires  a  greater  role  for Japan in the  worlds
economic and political future.  There is much that Japan can
do to  maintain  stability  in  the  international economic,
financial and political fields.
13.  Finally I would like to draw attention to the  fortress
mentality  that  seems  to  be  spreading  among  the   rich
countries  of  the  world.   We  have  been  reassured  that
economic  unions  of  the  rich are not intended to keep out
exports from developing countries.  But then we remember how
tariff barriers  were  erected  when  our  trading  partners
joined  such  economic  communities.  We notice how Japan is
making adjustments in anticipation of protectionist policies
by economic  blocs.  We the developing countries will not be
able  to make   these adjustments.  We hope that Japan  will
use  its wise counsel to prevent the world from being broken
up into economic blocs  ranged against each other.  Japan as
No. 1 must  help ensure a more just and equitable world.
Distinguished guests,
14.  May I invite you all to join me in a toast to the  good
health  of  His  Excellency Noboru Takeshita, the Government
and the people of Japan and to Malaysia-Japan relations.
     Thank you.