Speechs in the year
Tarikh/Date 	: 	03/11/90 

 The Honourable Dr. Nelson Mandela,
     Deputy President of the African National Congress;
Members of the ANC;
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and Gentlemen.
    We  are  deeply  honoured  to welcome in our midst this
evening a truly great son of Africa, Dr. Nelson Mandela, the
Deputy President of the African National Congress.   On  be-
half  of the Government and people of Malaysia, may I extend
to you, Dr. Mandela, and members  of  your  delegation,  our
very  warm  welcome.   You will always find in the people of
Malaysia the warmth and spirit of brotherhood and the strong
support for your struggle.
2.   This  evening  is  indeed  an  historic  occasion   for
Malaysia  - historic because we are able to meet in person a
giant of a man whose very name MANDELA has come to symbolise
the struggle by the people of South Africa for freedom,  for
democracy  and  for  basic human rights.  For many of us you
have come to epitomise fortitude and perseverance.   We  can
see  for ourselves that your long years of imprisonment have
only served to strengthen your  spirit,  your  determination
and  your  commitment  to the cause of dismantling apartheid
and bringing democracy and justice to the peoples  of  South
3.   Malaysia  has  been  a  staunch  supporter of the anti-
apartheid cause.  We have followed with concern the struggle
of the people of South Africa for freedom and for democracy.
We have shared in spirit the pain and the  sufferings  which
you  and  your colleagues have gone through in your years of
imprisonment in the bid to pursue your cause.  Like you,  we
have  never lost faith that the day will come when democracy
will be upheld in South Africa.
4.   We are therefore most  encouraged  by  developments  in
South  Africa  over  the  past year since President De Klerk
came into power; events which indicate that  things  may  be
moving  closer  to the dismantling of apartheid in the coun-
try.  Beginning with President De Klerk's  inaugural  pledge
to achieve a new South Africa free from white domination and
oppression,  the  world  has  witnessed  developments taking
place in South Africa which could not  have  been  envisaged
two  years  ago.    The  world  has lauded your release from
prison; the release of other political prisoners; the unban-
ning of  the  African  National  Congress  and  other  anti-
apartheid  groups;  the lifting of the state of emergency in
the various provinces of  South  Africa  including  that  of
Natal  recently;  and other pledges by President De Klerk to
dismantle the pillars of apartheid.   The  decision  of  the
African National Congress to suspend armed struggle has also
contributed  positively  to creating a climate conducive for
5.   These developments have made it possible for  you,  Dr.
Mandela, to be with us this evening, thousands of miles away
from  the  prison  cell which has for more than twenty-seven
years kept you captive in person but not in spirit.    These
developments  have  been brought about partly by the contin-
uous pressure which the  international  community  has  been
putting  on the Pretoria regime over many decades to disman-
tle the abominable  system  of  institutionalised  discrimi-
nation  and  oppression  called  apartheid  - a system which
segregates man from man according to the colour of his skin;
a system which is totally unacceptable in this day and age.
6.   Encouraged though we are by the developments  in  South
Africa  of late, apartheid is still in place.  We share your
concern, Dr. Mandela, that the international community  can-
not  at this stage release the pressure on Pretoria.  It may
take many months yet for the dialogue which Pretoria has in-
itiated with the ANC to show evidence that  recent  progress
towards  dismantling  apartheid is irreversible and that the
system itself will be dismantled.  Until then, Malaysia will
continue to maintain the pressure on the South African  gov-
ernment through economic and other sanctions.  We would like
to  urge  other nations to do the same.  We do not share the
assessment of some Western nations that President  De  Klerk
has to be rewarded at this stage for the reforms he has ini-
Ladies and Gentlemen,
7.   I believe it is important that we maintain the momentum
of  developments  in  South  Africa.   All parties concerned
should exert every effort to ensure a successful outcome  to
the  ongoing  negotiations  between  the  ANC  and the South
African government.  As a member of the Commonwealth Commit-
tee  of  Foreign  Ministers  on  Southern  Africa   (CFMSA),
Malaysia  has  been  monitoring  closely the developments in
South Africa and has participated with other members of  the
Committee  in a continuous review of the situation there and
of the international community's response to these  develop-
ments.    The Committee has had the benefit of your presence
and your assessment of the situation when the Committee  met
in  Abuja,  Nigeria, in mid-May this year.  We will continue
to be guided by your perception.
8.   Events since then have caused some concern to Malaysia.
I refer to the armed clashes between various  anti-apartheid
groups  in  South  Africa which have resulted in the loss of
hundreds of lives over the past few months.    I  fear  that
this  inter-factional  violence, if allowed to continue, can
undermine the progress made  thus  far  towards  dismantling
apartheid.   But I am sure that this problem is uppermost in
your mind and that you will exert every effort and influence
to contain it.
9.   Your personal presence here in Malaysia,  Dr.  Mandela,
brings  home the realisation to many of us that democracy is
not to be taken for granted by countries which have  already
obtained  independence.   It is a precious right which is to
be protected and nurtured.   It is a  precious  right  which
those of us in the Commonwealth are trying to strengthen.
10.  Here  in  Malaysia,  we have just completed our general
election, and the results have  demonstrated  once  again  a
victory for the people and democracy.  It has been a keenly-
contested  election,  but  the people have made their choice
clearly and unequivocally.    The  people  of  Malaysia  are
grateful  that inspite of the various racial, ethnic and re-
ligious differences which are inherent in the social  fabric
of the Malaysian society, we have been able to exercise pol-
itical  freedom,  unhampered,  for  the last 33 years.   The
leaders of Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition,  who  are
your hosts tonight, offer you our prayers that the people of
South Africa will also be able to enjoy this right free from
violence  in  the  near  future  and  in  the years to come.
Malaysians will be among the first to  rejoice  on  the  day
when  you  and each and every South African, irrespective of
the colour of his skin, are able to determine South Africa's
future through the ballot box.
11.  Dr. Mandela, as I have said earlier in my  speech,  you
have  come  to epitomise for many of us fortitude and perse-
verance.   You have demonstrated strength  and  patience  in
your  struggle  against  apartheid.    You have sacrificed a
lifetime to bring justice  and  democracy  to  your  people.
Your  efforts will not be in vain.  The international commu-
nity will ensure that your objectives will be achieved.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
12.  I would like to invite distinguished guests present to-
night to rise and to drink to the good health of Dr.  Nelson
Mandela and to the success of his people's struggle  against