Speechs in the year
Tarikh/Date	:	24/02/2003
Versi 		:	ENGLISH
Penyampai	:  	PM

       On  behalf of the Government and People of Malaysia,
   may  I  extend a very warm welcome to all of you to Kuala
   Lumpur to this XIII Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement.
   2.    It  is indeed a great honour for Malaysia  to  host
   this  Summit  Meeting and to assume the  chairmanship  of
   the Movement.
   3.    As  the  host, Malaysia is gratified  at  the  high
   level  of participation in spite of the uncertainties  of
   the   international   situation  today.    This   clearly
   demonstrates  our  continued and abiding  faith  in,  and
   commitment  to our Movement and our collective  wish  and
   determination to strengthen our unity and cohesion.
   4.    I take this opportunity to pay a special tribute to
   the   Republic   of  South  Africa,  in  particular   His
   Excellency  President  Thabo  M'beki,  for  his  and  his
   country's  outstanding stewardship of  our  Movement  for
   the  past  four  years - a little longer  than  they  had
   bargained for when they assumed the Chairmanship  at  our
   Summit  Meeting in Durban.  We congratulate them for  the
   admirable way the Republic of South Africa has held  high
   the banner of NAM despite cynicism about its relevance.
   5.    We  are  also  gratified that under South  Africa's
   leadership  our Movement has intensified the serious  and
   critical   examination  of  our  organisation   and   has
   initiated    some    important    steps    towards    its
   revitalisation  -  a process which Malaysia  will  pursue
   with the help and cooperation of the members of NAM.
   6.    This  Summit Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the first  to
   be  held  in  the new century, indeed the new millennium,
   is  taking place at a most crucial time.   The world  now
   lives  in  fear.   We are afraid of everything.   We  are
   afraid of flying, afraid of certain countries; afraid  of
   bearded   Asian   men,  afraid  of  the   shoes   airline
   passengers  wear;  of  letters  and  parcels,  of   white
   powder.   The  countries allegedly harbouring terrorists,
   their  people,  innocent  or otherwise  are  afraid  too.
   They  are  afraid of war, of being killed and  maimed  by
   bombs  being  dropped  on them, by  missiles  fired  from
   hundreds  of  miles  away  by unseen  forces.   They  are
   afraid  because they would become the collaterals  to  be
   killed because they get in the way of the destruction  of
   their countries.
   7.    The  preparations and the measures taken to  ensure
   security  go  on frantically.  Trillions of  dollars  are
   spent  by the world for new weapons, new technology,  new
   strategy;   the  deployment  of  forces  and   inspectors
   worldwide.   Those  who  cannot  afford  these   security
   measures must simply await their fate and trust  in  God.
   Yet  despite  all  these, terrorist  attacks  have  taken
   place   where  they  are  least  expected,  killing   the
   collaterals again.  There is still no guarantee that  the
   well  dressed,  clean-shaven family man next  door  might
   not  become another hijacker, crashing his aircraft  into
   buildings and killing collaterals.
   8.    In the meantime the economy of the world has slowed
   down  and in some instances has been reversed, with  huge
   deficits burdening countries.  Jobs are lost and  poverty
   is  increasing  even  in  the  rich  countries.   No  new
   investments  in foreign countries or at home.   With  the
   threat  of  war  oil  prices  have  shot  up,  increasing
   further  the  economic and social  burdens  of  the  poor
   9.    Aid for the poor has practically stopped and  loans
   are  not  available as the poor countries  defaulted  and
   defaulted again.
   10.   Truly the world is in a terrible mess, a state that
   is  worse  than  during the East-West confrontation,  the
   Cold  War.  All the great hopes following the end of  the
   Cold War have vanished.  And with the terrorists and  the
   anti-terrorists fumbling blindly in their  fight  against
   each  other,  normalcy will not return for quite  a  long
   11.   Surely at some stage we must ask ourselves why this
   is  happening to the world.  Why is there terrorism?   Is
   it  true that the Muslims are born terrorists because  of
   the  teachings of a prophet who was a terrorist?  How  do
   we   explain  the  pogroms,  the  inquisitions  and   the
   holocaust   which  characterised  Christian  Europe   for
   almost  2000  years?   Why did the Jews  choose  to  seek
   haven  in  Muslim countries whenever Christian  Europeans
   persecute  them?   Do people seek safety in the  land  of
   terrorists?  Does not sound very likely.
   12.   The  Christians too were terrorised, not by Muslims
   but  by fellow Christians who condemned them as heretics.
   They  were persecuted, tortured, burnt at the stakes  for
   their  beliefs  and forced to migrate.  Seems  that,  the
   Muslims  did not have a monopoly of terrorism,  certainly
   not  on  the scale of the holocaust, the pogroms and  the
   13.   So it cannot be that Muslims are the sole cause  of
   all  these problems.  If they are not then is it a  clash
   of  civilisation,  a  clash of  the  Muslim  civilisation
   against  the  Judeo  -  Christian civilisation,  that  is
   14.   Frankly I do not think so.  Frankly I think  it  is
   because  of  a  revival  of the  old  European  trait  of
   wanting  to  dominate the world.  And the  expression  of
   this  trait  invariably involves injustice and oppression
   of people of other ethnic origins and colours.
   15.   If  we  care to think back, there was no systematic
   campaign  of  terror outside Europe until  the  Europeans
   and  the  Jews created a Jewish state out of  Palestinian
   land.   Incidentally  terrorism was  first  used  by  the
   Haganah  and the Irgun Zvai Leumi to persuade the British
   to   set  up  Israel.   The  Palestinians  were  actually
   ejected from their homes and their country and forced  to
   live  in  miserable refugee camps for more than 50  years
   16.   It  is  the struggle of the Palestinians to  regain
   their  land  that  has precipitated,  first  conventional
   wars,   then   civil   protest  and  eventually   violent
   demonstrations.   The Israelis demanded European  support
   to  atone  for European crimes against them in the  past.
   In  desperation the Palestinians finally resorted to what
   is  described  as  acts  of  terror.   Rightly,  this  is
   condemned  by the world.  But the world does not  condemn
   as  acts  of  terror  the  more terrifying  acts  of  the
   Israelis;  the  massacres  in  Sabra  and  Shatila,   the
   shooting  and  killing of children, the use  of  depleted
   uranium  coated  bullets, the bulldozing  of  Palestinian
   homes  while  the  occupants  are  still  in  them,   the
   helicopter  gunships etc.  And Israel is now  threatening
   to use nuclear weapons.
   17.   This  blatant double standards is  what  infuriates
   Muslims,  infuriates  them to  the  extent  of  launching
   their  own terror attacks.  If Iraq is linked to the  Al-
   Qaeda,  is  it not more logical to link the expropriation
   of  Palestinian  land and the persecution and  oppression
   of  the  Palestinians  with  September  11?   It  is  not
   religious differences which angered the attackers of  the
   World  Trade  Centre.  It is simply  sympathy  and  anger
   over  the  expropriation of Palestinian  land,  over  the
   injustice  and  the  oppression of the Palestinians,  and
   Muslims  everywhere. If the innocent people who  died  in
   the  attack on Afghanistan, and those who have been dying
   from  lack  of  food  and  medical  care  in  Iraq,   are
   considered  collaterals, are not the 3,000  who  died  in
   New  York and the 200 in Bali also just collaterals whose
   deaths are necessary for the operations to succeed?
   18.   Actually the life of any human being is sacred,  no
   matter  if the person is a friend or an enemy.   That  is
   why  war  is not a solution.  A contest based on who  can
   kill  more people in order to establish who is the victor
   and  who the loser, worst still in order to determine who
   is  right  and  who is wrong is primitive  and  does  not
   speak  well  of the so called high level of  civilisation
   we  have  achieved.  The greatness of a nation should  be
   based  on  a  culture that values high  moral  qualities,
   aesthetics,  learning and advancements in  the  sciences.
   Unfortunately thousands of years after the  stone-age  we
   still  measure the greatness of a nation by the  capacity
   to slaughter the greatest number of people.
   19.  But the oppression and injustice is not confined  to
   waging  war  and killing people; there is  oppression  in
   ideological  propagation.  We  are  now  allowed  only  a
   democratic system of Government.  We admit it is  by  far
   the  best system of Governments.  But applying sanctions,
   starving  people, denying access to medicine in order  to
   force  the  acceptance of democracy  hardly  seem  to  be
   democratic.   Actually millions have  died  because  they
   have  not  converted to this new religion.  And  millions
   more  are  suffering  because they  are  unable  to  make
   democracy work, because of the resulting anarchy.
   20.    Relieved   of  the  need  to  compete   with   the
   Communists,  the capitalist free traders have  ceased  to
   show  a  friendly  face.  Their greed  knows  no  bounds.
   They  want  countries  which  had  fought  hard  to  gain
   independence, to give up that independence,  to  do  away
   with  their borders, to allow the capitalists free access
   to   do   what  they  like  to  the  economies  of  these
   countries.   They  call this free-competition.   As  they
   merge  and  acquire  each other,  they  become  monstrous
   giants   against  whom  the  small  businesses   in   the
   developing  countries will not be able to compete.   What
   is  the meaning of competition if you cannot win at  all.
   In  the  end  a  few of these monsters will  control  the
   economy of the whole world.
   21.   The  sad thing is that they are not above  cheating
   and  corruption.   And we know they can  fail.   We  have
   seen  how  spectacularly they fail - losing  100  billion
   dollars in one year.  And that is only one corporation.
   22.   Then  there  are  the rogue  currency  traders  who
   destroyed the economies of half the world, threw tens  of
   millions  out of work, bankrupted banks and thousands  of
   businesses,   cause  the  collapse  of  Governments   and
   precipitated   anarchy;  all  so  that   half   a   dozen
   individuals can make billions for themselves.
   23.   Now  the rich give no more aid.  They do  not  lend
   either.   And  all  the  time the international  agencies
   they   control  try  to  strangle  the  debt  laden  poor
   countries which had been attacked by their greedy  market
   24.   The disparities between rich and poor widen  daily.
   The  rich have per capita incomes of more than 30,000  US
   Dollars,  the poor only 300 US Dollars.  Still  the  rich
   want  to  squeeze out literally the last  drop  of  blood
   from the poor.
   25.   It  is  this  which plague the  world  today,  this
   oppression of the poor by the rich; this injustice,  this
   inequality.   To  rub salt into the wound  the  poor  are
   always  being told that they lack transparency  and  good
   governance, they don't respect human rights,  they  don't
   uphold freedom of speech, freedom of the press and so  on
   and  so  forth,  when in fact it is  the  rich  who  lack
   transparency, who do not respect human rights,  who  curb
   our  rights to speak the truth about what they are doing,
   who  use  their media to hide their misdeeds  and  spread
   lies.   How else can we interpret the operations  of  the
   hedge  funds and the currency traders, sanctions and  the
   systematic    bombings   of   certain   countries,    the
   impoverishment  of the already poor, and  the  censorship
   of  news  as  well  as  distorted and fabricated  reports
   about the south.
   26.   The  fact is that the poor countries have been  and
   are   being   oppressed  and  terrorised  by   the   rich
   countries.  Naturally the poor are bitter and  angry  and
   have  lost  faith in justice and honour.   And  the  last
   straw   which  caused  them  to  resort  to  futile   and
   destructive  terror  attacks is the blatant  support  for
   state  terrorism as practised by Israel and  others.   If
   Israeli   terrorism   is   a  response   to   Palestinian
   terrorism,  then Palestinian terrorism, and  terror  acts
   by  their  sympathisers must be due to the  expulsion  of
   Palestinians  from their land, the further occupation  of
   Palestinian  territory and the open support  for  Israeli
   intransigence  and terrorism by the Europeans.   But  the
   developing  countries  must  admit  that  we   are   also
   responsible for the mess the world is in today.  We  have
   not  used  our  independence and freedom to  develop  our
   countries  for the good of our people.  Instead  we  have
   been  busy overthrowing our Governments, setting  up  new
   Governments which in turn would be overthrown.   We  have
   even  killed  our  own  people  by  the  millions.    And
   frequently, frustrated with anarchic democracy we  resort
   to  autocratic  Governments, exposing ourselves  to  much
   27.   The result of this confrontation between the  haves
   and the have-nots, the developed and the developing is  a
   world that is practically ungovernable.  Despite all  the
   advances  in science and technology, the world  is  in  a
   terrible  state.  With more than enough food to feed  the
   six  billion  people of the world, fully one  in  six  is
   actually underfed, starving, with hundreds dying daily.
   28.   Since  Sept  11,  the rich and  the  powerful  have
   become  enraged  with the poor half of  the  world.   And
   their  extreme measures to ensure security for themselves
   have  only  amplified  the anger of the  oppressed  poor.
   Both  sides  are now in a state of blind  anger  and  are
   bent on killing each other, on war.
   29.   War solves nothing.  War is primitive.  Today's war
   is  more primitive than stone-age wars.  The targets  are
   not  the  fighters, the combatants.  The  target  is  the
   ordinary  civilians, the women, children and old  people.
   Whether  it  is terror attacks or military action,  these
   are the victims.
   30.   In  primitive wars the carnage is witnessed by  the
   warriors.   While the suicidal terrorists die  with  each
   attack,  the  great warriors who press  the  buttons  see
   nothing of the mangled bodies, the heads and limbs  which
   are  torn  from disembowelled bodies, the blood  and  the
   gore  of  the innocent people who an instant before  were
   living  people  like them.  And because they  don't  see,
   the   button   pressing  warriors  and  the  people   who
   commanded them go back to enjoy a hearty meal,  watch  TV
   shows  or  moral  boosting troop  entertainers  and  then
   retire  to  their cosy beds for a good sleep.    Tomorrow
   they  would  make  more  sorties,  to  carpet  bomb  more
   children,  women and old people or they would press  more
   buttons  to  send  missiles to tear off  more  heads  and
   31.   War  is about slaughtering people.  Newer and  more
   brutal  weapons  are being invented to kill  more  people
   more efficiently.  And now there is talk that the use  of
   nuclear  weapons is justified.  Is it because the  people
   to  be  slaughtered are chromatically different?   Is  it
   because they cannot hit back?
   32.   Our  meeting here today is a meeting  of  Heads  of
   States and Heads of Governments.  We must admit that  our
   organisation has not been as effective as it  should  be.
   We  may  want to remain uninvolved and to avoid incurring
   the  displeasure  of  the powerful  countries.   But  our
   people  are  getting  restless.   They  want  us  to   do
   something.  If we don't then they will, and they will  go
   against us.  They will take things into their own  hands.
   Unable  to  mount a conventional war they will resort  to
   guerrilla  war,  to  terrorism, against  us  and  against
   those they consider to be their oppressors.
   33.   They  cannot  be  ignored any  longer.   We  cannot
   incarcerate them all for we do not always know  who  they
   are or where they are.
   34.  Sept 11, has demonstrated to the world that acts  of
   terror  even by a dozen people can destabilise the  whole
   world  completely, put fear into the hearts of  everyone,
   make them afraid of their own shadows.
   35.   But  their acts have also removed all the restraint
   in  the  countries  of the north.   They  now  no  longer
   respect borders, international laws or even simple  moral
   values.  And they are now talking of wars, of the use  of
   military conquests in order to change Governments.   They
   are even talking of using nuclear weapons.
   36.   It  is no longer just a war against terrorism.   It
   is  in  fact  a  war  to  dominate  the  world  i.e.  the
   chromatically different world.  We are now being  accused
   of  harbouring  terrorists, of being Axis of  Evil,  etc.
   NAM  has  a  lot  of problems and issues  which  it  must
   tackle.   But  at  the moment the most  important  threat
   that we face is the tendency of the powerful to wage  war
   when  faced  with  opposition  to  the  spread  of  their
   dominance.  We cannot fight a war with them.
   37.   Fortunately many of their people are also  sick  of
   war.   They  have come out in their millions  to  protest
   the  warlike  policies of their leaders.   We  must  join
   them.   We  must join their struggle with all  the  moral
   force that we can command.
   38.   War  must be outlawed.  That will have  to  be  our
   struggle  for  now.   We must struggle  for  justice  and
   freedom from oppression, from economic hegemony.  But  we
   must remove the threat of war first.  With this Sword  of
   Democles  hanging over our heads we can never succeed  in
   advancing the interests of our countries.
   39.    War   must   therefore  be  made   illegal.    The
   enforcement of this must be by multilateral forces  under
   the  control  of  the United Nations.  No  single  nation
   should  be allowed to police the world, least of  all  to
   decide what action to take, when.
   40.    Globalisation  must  not  be   confined   to   the
   exploitation   of   the  wealth  of   the   earth   only.
   Globalisation  must  include the multilateral  protection
   of countries threatened by war or hegemony.
   41.   There must be a new world order in which  power  is
   shared  equitably  by all.  The United  Nations  must  be
   reformed.   It must no longer be bound by the results  of
   a  world  war  fought  more  than  half  a  century  ago.
   Everyone  must disarm.  Weapons of mass destruction  must
   be  disallowed  for  all.  And there should  be  no  more
   research into making conventional weapons more lethal.
   42.   If  it  is right for an international agency  in  a
   globalised  world  to  oversee  human  rights,   business
   practices   and  the  kind  of  democracy  practised   by
   countries,  then  a truly International  Agency  beholden
   only  to  the  United  Nations  General  Assembly  should
   oversee  the  military budget of all countries,  big  and
   small.   Trading  in arms must come under United  Nations
   supervision.  Brutal ethnic cleansing must be stopped  by
   a multinational standing army.
   43.   When  Japan was defeated, it was allowed  to  spend
   only  one  percent  of its GDP on its armed  forces.   If
   such  a condition can be imposed on Japan, why cannot  it
   be imposed on all countries?
   44.   In  the  struggle to outlaw war and  control  arms,
   nuclear  as  well as conventional, NAM will find  growing
   support  from among many people in the North.   It  is  a
   daunting  task  nevertheless.  But  unless  we  take  the
   moral  high  ground now, we will wait  in  vain  for  the
   powerful   North  to  voluntarily  give  up  slaughtering
   people in the name of national interest.
   45.  Again I would like to say that NAM must struggle  to
   outlaw   war.   NAM  must  struggle  to  outlaw   nuclear
   weapons.   NAM  must struggle to stop  the  research  and
   development   of   more  and  more   lethal   so   called
   conventional weapons.  NAM must struggle to  control  the
   arms trade.
   46.   We must work for a new world order, where democracy
   is  not  confined  to the internal governance  of  states
   only  but  to the governance of the world.  We must  work
   for    the   revival   of   the   United   Nations    and
   multilateralism.  We must work to do away or  modify  the
   powers  of  the  victors of a war fought half  a  century
   47.   We  know  we are weak.  But we also  know  we  have
   allies  in  the  North.  They too want the  abolition  of
   wars, the slaughter of people for whatever reason.   They
   may  not  agree  with  us  in  everything.   But  in  the
   opposition  to war very many will be with us.   They  are
   ready  to  oppose their warlike leaders.   We  must  work
   with them.
   48.   This  then is our struggle.  We are not irrelevant.
   We  are  not anachronistic.  We have a vision, the vision
   to  build a new world order, a world order that  is  more
   equitable,  more just; a world order which is  above  all
   free  from  the  age-old belief that  killing  people  is
   right,  that  it  can  solve the  problems  of  relations
   between nations.
   49.   For  all  these we must revitalise the  Non-Aligned
   Movement.   And  that  vitality can only  come  from  our
   closing ranks and acting together.
   50.   I thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak
   before  this august assembly.  Malaysia pledges  to  work
   vigorously  to oppose war including the war against  Iraq
   and to ensure the success of this - our Movement.

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