Tarikh/Date	:	25/02/2003
Versi 		:	ENGLISH
Penyampai	:  	PM

  I  am  pleased that the XIII NAM summit has come  to  a
   successful  conclusion today.  I  would  like  to  take
   this  opportunity  to  express my  sincere  thanks  and
   gratitude to all the heads of state and government  for
   their  kind attendance at this summit meeting  and  for
   their  active participation in our deliberations. Their
   constructive  views  and  suggestions  have   been   of
   immense value to our meeting and to me personally.
   2.    I would also like to thank the Ministers, who  in
   their   interactive   sessions,  had   generated   many
   constructive  ideas  and suggestions  on  how  best  to
   improve our Movement and to make it more effective  and
   3.    We  have  had  an  extremely useful  exchange  of
   views,  covering  many subjects of importance  to  NAM,
   particularly  pertaining to the theme  of  the  summit.
   We  have had the opportunity to take stock of the state
   of  our affairs and to begin the process of formulating
   appropriate strategies for the future of our Movement.
   4.     We   have  made  an  objective  and  hard-headed
   analysis  of our contemporary world as well as  of  our
   Movement.   We are mindful that the world  we  live  in
   today  is unipolar in character and is vastly different
   from  the  multi-polar world of  the  founders  of  our
   5.    It  is clear that the relevance of NAM should  no
   longer  be questioned. Indeed, the Movement has  become
   even  more  relevant  today,  for  the  protection  and
   promotion  of  the  interests of the countries  of  the
   south.   It  embodies  our hopes  and  aspirations  for
   economic  prosperity  in  a  world  that  is  peaceful,
   secure and just.
   6.    It is also clear that the well-being of the world
   will  be better served by a strong multilateral system,
   revolving  around  a  United  Nations  that   is   more
   representative  and  democratic,  than   a   unilateral
   system  based  on the dominance of one  power,  however
   benign  that  power  may be.  In this  regard,  we  are
   resolved  to give strong and sustained support  to  the
   United  Nations, for its future is linked with that  of
   the Non-Aligned Movement and multilateralism.
   7.    We have also noted the new challenges facing  the
   Movement.  Among  them is the threat  of  international
   terrorism.  We  must play our part in the international
   effort to combat this menace.
   8.    Another is globalisation and the efforts  towards
   integration  of the developing countries into  the  new
   political,  economic  and human global  order  that  is
   equitable, just and democratic.
   9.    Yet  another is the revolution in the information
   and  communications technology that is rapidly changing
   the  world and widening the digital divide between  the
   developed and developing world.
   10.   In  the  face  of  all these  challenges,  it  is
   clearly  in  our interest to strengthen our  unity  and
   cohesion  and speak with one voice on issues  of  vital
   importance  to  us.   While  we  do  not  need  to   be
   confrontational in our approach, there is also no  need
   to  be  subservient or defensive in our relations  with
   the developed countries.
   11.    All   of  these  and  other  challenges  require
   appropriate  and urgent responses, clear and  pragmatic
   strategies, and well-coordinated actions.  Our  overall
   approach  is  a  sound one and is consistent  with  the
   principles   of   justice  and   democracy.   we   must
   strengthen  our  unity and solidarity  and  expand  our
   cooperation   in   the  political,  economic,   social,
   cultural, scientific and technical fields.
   12.   I  am particularly gratified that we have adopted
   the "Kuala Lumpur Declaration on the Revitalisation  of
   the  Non-Aligned Movement". The declaration constitutes
   an  important blue-print for our collective action.  It
   provides clear guiding principles and practical  action
   plans,  which will assist us in charting our course  in
   the   coming   years.     We   hope   that   with   its
   revitalisation,  our Movement would be more  pro-active
   and  responsive  to the concerns and  needs  of  member
   13.   Although  it is not a part of the NAM  process  I
   would  like us to note that the First-Ladies also  held
   a   meeting   to  express  among  other  things   their
   opposition  to  war  as  an  instrument  for  achieving
   political objectives.
   14.   Each  and  every  NAM  member  has  an  important
   responsibility  and role to play in the  revitalisation
   of the Movement.
   15.   I am confident that with a new sense of awareness
   of  the  continued relevance of NAM and the  challenges
   confronting it, we shall rise to the occasion.  As  the
   new  chairman of NAM, Malaysia looks forward to working
   very  closely with the other members to further enhance
   the  Movement's international profile and increase  its
   political and economic "clout" in global affairs.
   16.   In formally assuming the heavy responsibility  of
   the  chair of the Movement, today, Malaysia trusts that
   it  will  have the full and unstinted support  of  each
   and  every  member of NAM.  Once again,  on  behalf  of
   Malaysia,  express our deep gratitude to the membership
   of  the Non-Aligned Movement for the honour accorded to
   Malaysia  and the confidence reposed in us to lead  the
   Movement  for  the  next  three, hopefully,  fulfilling
   17.   Last  but not least, allow me to thank all  those
   involved in making this summit a success.  To  all  the
   heads  of State and Government who have flown  in  from
   all  corners  of the world, I would like to  record  my
   warmest  feelings  of gratitude for your  presence  and
   the  ideas  that you have contributed.   To  all  other
   dignitaries  and delegates, I would like to  thank  you
   for  your cooperation and the flexibility shown  during
   the  course  of  negotiations.  Last but  by  no  means
   least,   I   would  like  to  thank  members   of   the
   secretariat,  interpreters, documentation officers  and
   other supporting staff, the Royal Malaysian Police  and
   Armed    Forces   and   other   Malaysian    Government
   departments   and   agencies   for   their   roles   in
   facilitating the smooth and efficient running  of  this
   six-day event.
   18.   With  these words, I now declare the XIII  Summit
   of  Heads  of  State or Government of  the  Non-Aligned
   Movement closed.

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