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Tarikh/Date	:	23/10/2003
Versi 		:	ENGLISH
Penyampai	:  	PM

      Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, for your kind words
   of  welcome. It is indeed a pleasure for me  to  be  in
   Dili. I am delighted that I have been able to undertake
   this visit to Timor-Leste before I leave office.
   2.   On behalf of my wife and members of my delegation, I
   would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, your
   Government and the people of Timor-Leste for  the  warm
   hospitality and excellent arrangements extended  to  us
   since our arrival in your beautiful country.
   3.    Timor-Leste  is an extraordinary  and  remarkable
   country.  Your  strength lies  in  your  people,  whose
   resourcefulness, determination and grit overcame 24 years
   of struggle. Your country has been a symbol of courage.
   Timor-Leste  can stand tall and proud, as equals  among
   nations.  Malaysia  is proud to  have  been  given  the
   privilege of welcoming Timor-Leste as the newest member of
   the Non Aligned Movement at the last NAM Summit held in
   Kuala Lumpur last February.
   4.    I  am  happy to note the positive  trend  in  the
   bilateral relations between Malaysia and Timor-Leste over
   the  last three years. At the same time, I believe much
   more  need  to  be done if we are to realise  the  full
   potential of our bilateral economic interaction which is
   5.   The appointment of the first Ambassador of Malaysia
   to  Timor-Leste is a testament to the strength  of  our
   relationship,  which characterises the warm  friendship
   since diplomatic ties were established through the Liaison
   Office  in  2001, which was eventually upgraded  to  an
   Embassy last May 2002. Our bilateral ties, premised  on
   mutual  respect  and understanding has seen  remarkable
   progress since the establishment of your Embassy in Kuala
   Lumpur in October 2002.
   6.    Malaysia follows with keen interest Timor-Leste's
   efforts to improve the economic and social well being of
   her people. Timor-Leste has enormous potential with her
   untapped natural resources, and more importantly its young
   human resources.
   7.    I  had an eventful day today. After the welcoming
   ceremony,  I  had  the opportunity of  calling  on  His
   Excellency  President Xanana Gusmao. We discussed  many
   issues of mutual concerns. I also had the opportunity of
   having a good, frank and substantive discussion with you,
   Mr. Prime Minister. The discussion continued from where we
   left off after your visit to Malaysia in August 2002. We
   had a frank, fruitful and meaningful discussion on various
   issues affecting our countries and the ways and means to
   further improve the existing cordial ties between the two
   8.    The  task now is to implement those decision  and
   agreements  reached today. We should enhance  relations
   beyond the traditional bilateral field to include other
   areas such as trade, culture, education, tourism, human
   resource development, youth and sports, oil and gas. I was
   also given the honour and privilege today to address the
   Council of Ministers and Members of Parliament. I am happy
   to  be  able to share Malaysia's experience  in  nation
   9.   This afternoon we also witnessed the signing of the
   Economic, Technical, Scientific and Cultural Agreement.
   The   agreement  reflects  the  importance  and  strong
   commitment that both our nations have to strengthen our
   bilateral relationship.
   10.   With  the  signing  of the  Economic,  Technical,
   Scientific and Cultural Agreement, I would like to propose
   that  Malaysia play host to the first Joint  Commission
   Meeting between Malaysia and Timor-Leste at a date to be
   mutually decided.
   11.   Foreign  Investment is always a major  factor  to
   expedite the growth of one's economy. Malaysia has been
   able  to  attract many foreign investors  to  Malaysia.
   Malaysia is prepared to share its experience and knowledge
   with Timor-Leste on ways to attract foreign investments.
   For these reasons, I have brought along with my delegation
   our captains of Industries. During the "Malaysia - Timor-
   Leste Business Dialogue and Luncheon" held this afternoon,
   I  am  told  that they have initiated several  business
   ventures  and formed a good network. Their presence  in
   Timor-Leste for the last two days, will hopefully  give
   rise  to  more  opportunities to find new  markets  for
   Malaysian  goods  and  increase trade  and  investments
   opportunities between both our countries.
   12.  This afternoon too, I had the honour of laying the
   foundation stone for the future site of the Embassy  of
   Malaysia.  I am grateful to the Government of Timor-Leste
   for allocating that beautiful piece of land fronting the
   sea. I understand that we're going to be neighbours, as
   the  Government of Timor-Leste plans to build  its  new
   building  of  the  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs   and
   Cooperation next to our Embassy.
   13.  I am also gratified to witness the naming of Malaysia
   Street (Avenida da Malaysia) in front of the future site
   of our Embassy. This is a magnificent gesture and again
   reflects the strong bond of friendship between Malaysia
   and Timor-Leste.
   14.   As developing countries, Malaysia and Timor-Leste
   should develop strategic alliances and enhance cooperation
   in  areas  that  could benefit both our  countries  and
   peoples.  In  this direction, Malaysia is committed  to
   cooperate  with Timor-Leste in this noble endeavour  to
   bring peace and progress to Timor-Leste and to assist in
   the development of your country. Within the context  of
   South-south cooperation and premised upon our belief in
   the slogan, "Prosper Thy Neighbour", Malaysia stands ready
   to share under our Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP),
   our   facilities  and  experiences  in  governance  and
   development.  As  of  today, about  150  Timorese  have
   benefited from the programme. This we hope will contribute
   to your human resource development.
   15.  Malaysia is happy with its participation in the peace
   operations under the umbrella of the United Nations  in
   Timor-Leste. To date, more than 200 Malaysian police have
   served under various capacities in the UNPOL (UN Police)
   and FPU (Formed Police Unit). Malaysians are also serving
   in various UN agencies. Several Malaysian Prison Officers
   are  sharing their experience in prison management with
   their counterparts here.

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